A few years ago, it was no secret that fewer women worked in tech than men at this point in time. As per recent Fortune’s 500 list of 2021, there are 41 women CEO’s enlisted, breaking the 67-year history altogether, which is quite a number. There were no women CEOs in the same list in the year 1972 by Fortune. The latest figures are an indication of how far women have come in the business sector in terms of diversity and inclusion.

The recent pandemic challenged every notion of life, and so have women in technology. In the wake of COVID-19 and the shift towards ‘work from home’, women were left feeling burnt out while balancing career and parenthood at the same time. The stats show that women have left the workforce in mass numbers considering the WFH policy as a huge barrier.

Even so, the outlook for women in tech isn’t all doom and gloom. Despite the long road ahead to achieving a gender-equal workplace, the tech industry is seeing some positive trends. Women are now breaking the bias by following 3 main steps towards their ruling success in the world of technology.

Overcoming the obstacles to equality in technology

Women are accepting challenges and fighting for their inclusion. They are taking on opportunities once offered to men only, and erasing gender-based prejudices. Female employees who inspire each other have become more confident and are setting themselves up for promotion.

Women Supporting Each Other in the Industry

Women in tech business are sponsoring and mentoring in the most apparent ways to help women who wish to enter the field. From sharing the perspectives, they have gained from their personal experience to providing practical tips on the gender pay gap, women are empowering each other in the best way possible in the field of technology.

Women are rising to the challenges of tech

Women are filling up the qualities and talents that the male-dominated tech industry lacks. They know what they can bring to the table to make a difference. Successful tech companies hold creative discussions dedicated to increasing the visibility of women within their organizations. No matter what role women are in, tech businesses are data driven, so they are putting great efforts to be able to make an impact to succeed.

Last word

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